What kind of company is it?

MAININFO is a company specialized in developing contents/platform for autonomous driving vehicles.

It is venture company that realizes and completes fusion and convergence of mobile and automobiles through motion sensors and hologram technology

How long does it take for the product to arrive?

Delivery will begin within 2 days and arrive within 5 days

What is HOLONAVI M15’s advatage?

It is cheap and can wireless charge.

What kind of product is being developed now?

We are developing a driving assistant device that can recognize motion. Prototype has been made.
Baesd on 5G, we are also researching servie that receive information about food or tourist attraction in passing area. Driver can pass or select by using their gesture. If driver use advertisement, they can get a discount.

What is your long aim?

Our aim is developing self driving car content and platform can be used self-driving car is commercialized by combining mobile devices and cars.